Dogs 'n' Parks

The app to make the most of your free time with your dog: avoid bad encounters and find the best playmates for him!

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What does Dogs 'n' Parks do?

Optimize the fun of your dog

It computes the compatibility of each dog with yours and tells you at a distance and in real time which dogs are in the parks: so you can choose the one that offers you the best play opportunities!

Keeps you in touch with your friends

If you star your dog with another you will have an automatic notification when he enters or announces itself in an area, so you can reach him ... or avoid him, if they don't get along!

Helps you find new playmates

It creates for you a contacts list of dogs in your region, so you can recognize them when you meet. Owners' privacy is always guaranteed: dogs are the protagonists, not humans!


Why Dogs 'n' Parks?


Missed play opportunities

Has it ever happened to you... go to a park hoping to meet friendly dogs, and instead see your dog spending time alone or with uninteresting dogs? arrive in a park just to see friendly dogs leaving, because they ran out of play time? Or to find it occupied by dogs incompatible with yours and not being able to enter? hope to meet again with some nice dogs, but have no way to contact them? see an unfriendly dog suddenly appear in the area and not have time to intervene to avoid the clash?

You didn't have the right tool

You probably too...

...don't like going to unfenced parks because you are afraid of who might arrive.

...when arrive in a park don't know whether to enter because you don't know anything about the dogs inside until you get in touch with their owners.

...use WhatsApp to stay in touch with the owners of the dogs you know, but it is invasive (too many messages, often off topic). Not all members of the family are in the group, so those who can go for a walk with the dog are not necessarily advised.

...don't know how to meet the dogs potentially friends of yours, owned by people you only know by sight or you don't know at all.


What does Dogs 'n' Parks do for you

With this app you can...

...see in real time which dogs are in the parks of your region and if they are compatible or incompatible with yours: you will be able to make the most of the free time you can dedicate to your buddy and avoid conflicts and resulting stress!

...send, on behalf of your dog, friendship requests to dogs with whom he had fun, without exchanging your personal contacts with the owner, who you may only know by sight. automatic notifications with the dogs you've starred at your entrance in a park and when you announce your arrival: so you will keep the contacts effortless and you won't be intrusive.

...access a contacts list that is updated based on where you are; the dogs loaded in the list frequent your area, so you can recognize them when you meet them on your walks.

The dog is the star, not the owner

Your privacy is guaranteed...

...when you enter a park, your dog is shown anonymously (except to the owners of the dogs with which you are starred).

...your position is never shown to anyone: your dog is shown anonymously by default, so that it is not possible to connect his presence in a park with yours.

...only if you decide to star your dog with another, his owner will be able to see your dog in clear text, and vice versa: in addition, you will be automatically informed when you enter or announce yourself in an area.


Participate actively!

  • 1
    Create your dog's profile

    Choose a nice photo of your buddy and complete his identity card: indicate his sociability with males and females to see his compatibility with other dogs!

  • 2
    Check the parks you know

    Draw the perimeter of dog parks and play areas in your region, and help improve those already included, to benefit the whole community!

  • 3
    Get your friends involved

    Share your dog with friends and acquaintances, star his favourites and enter a park to start the fun!


Frequently asked questions

I don't see any dog parks in my region: why?

If nobody has created any dog park or play area in your region, be the first! Draw the perimeter of the park on the map, it's easy and fun, and you'll do a good service to the whole community. If you want you can also contribute to improve the parks already entered, specifying the features, entering a review or suggesting a change in the perimeter.

I don't see any dogs in my area: what can I do?

If you don't see any dogs in your contacts list, it means you're the first to use Dogs 'n' Parks in your region: don't worry, every system needs time to grow. Start sharing your dog with those who frequent your parks to invite them to install Dogs 'n' Parks, and you will see the community growing quickly!

What's the "starring"?

"Starring" a dog means marking him as important to you: when a starred dog enters a park, or announces his arrival, you will be notified in real time. They can therefore be the dogs you like to meet, or those that are best avoided; of course, to star your dog with another, his owner's consent is required.

Who can see if I'm in a park?

To protect your privacy, your data is never shown to anyone: your dog, instead, is shown anonymously, so that it is not possible to connect his presence in the area with yours. Only if you decide to star your dog with another, his owner will be able to see your dog in clear text, and vice versa.

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